Preventative Medicine saves lives and money!

Provide Preventive Services PROFITABLY!

Preventative Medicine saves lives and money!

Remote Patient Monitoring

Better Technology.

Our technology allows your patients to use a blood pressure cuff, glucometer, or step on a scale and have their vital measurements appear in your computer in real time. There is no need to train your patients how to use any other technology such as operating a smartphone, downloading apps, synching device, or using Wi-Fi. All your patient has to do is to use the device, no other expensive or confusing technology is required!

Improved Outcomes.

Your patients will have better outcomes and enjoy longer and healthier lives when you help them manage their day-to-day health by monitoring their vitals. Patients will be amazed when your staff calls them to discuss an unusually low or high reading within minutes of the patient taking their blood pressure, blood glucose, or stepping on a scale.

Improved Safety.

Remote Patient Monitoring allows you to manage your patients’ vitals in real time in the safety of their own home. Patients sincerely appreciate the opportunity to avoid any unecessessary trips to a medical office where they may risk an exposure to COVID-19.

Increased Revenue.

The cost of implementing Remote Patient Monitoring varies significantly depending upon which RPM company you choose. Healthy Practice Solutions, LLC provides the lowest cost RPM solution to maximize the return on your investment.


Automate Your AWVs

Eligibility Verification.

Our software is connected directly to insurance companies in order to maintain a list of all of the patients in your practice who are each eligible for up to a dozen preventive services each year.

Patient Outreach.

Your staff can initiate preventive services by clicking on a patient and selecting the appropriate preventive service forms that need to be completed. A personalized message and a link to the forms are sent to the patient via text or email, depending upon the patient’s preferences.

Workflow Management.

Our intuitive dashboard shows your staff at a glance which patients have been sent forms to be completed, which patients have completed the forms, and which patients have not yet clicked on the link. The dashboard simplifies follow up and makes sure that no patients fall through the cracks and miss out on their annual preventive services.

Billing Expertise.

When the preventive service is complete a superbill is automatically generated for your biller, showing them the exact ICD-10, CPT codes, and modifiers that should be submitted to the patient’s insurance. Billing support combined with the eligibility verification virtually eliminates denials from insurance companies.

Order the test today to get answers you need!

Healthy Practice Solutions, LLC specializes in finding innovative diagnostic companies and making their tests available to patients who want an objective assessment that can explain the symptoms they are experieincing. New technology is continually being developed but it can take years or even decades for these new solutions to become widely available. We have a growing network of forward thinking health care practitioners who welcome advancements in medicine and pride themselves on offering their patients the best technology on the market!


Healthy Practice Solutions, LLC is a distributor of novel technology that can help you objectively evaluate and manage patients remotely under the new telemedicine guidelines. We are the compliance experts who can show you how to properly and profitably implement a comprehensive telemedicine program.

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