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Healthy Practice Solutions, LLC Healthy Practice Solutions, LLC is an exclusive distributor of novel technology that can help patients objectively evaluate the subjective symptoms they are experiencing. If you suspect you have an Autoimmune Disease, or cognitive issues such as memory loss, one of our tests can provide the information you need to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.  If you have questions about your test results, we work with a growing network of caring physicians who are genuinely concerned about their patients and will help you understand the results and the options that are available to address your condition.


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Kevin Wolfe, M.A.- Founder and Managing Partner

I started Healthy Practice Solutions, LLC to improve the quality and lower the cost of delivering health care.  I have worked in many areas of healthcare and each position has afforded me a unique view of the business of medicine. I am constantly searching for small, innovative companies who have developed new technology to solve common healthcare problems, especially if they can lower the cost of healthcare in the process.  The mission of Healthy Practice Solutions is to seek out innovative diagnostic tests and technology and bring them to the patients who are looking for a better solution.


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